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LedgerSense Service Levels

We hope you and your family are staying healthy and well in these trying Covid-19 times.  But also of particular concern to us in these times is the fiscal health and future well-being of your business. 
Sometimes we are viewed solely as the people who get your numbers straight in order to file your taxes.  But in the last six months or so we have been called on by you to assist with strategic financial advisory services (i.e. SBA loan options) and strategic tax advisory services.  This reaffirms to us that while the former has to be done, our real value added to our clients comes with the latter as your trusted business advisors.
With this in mind we have revamped our business client service offerings to: (Click here for additional information)

Core - The primary service focus is getting numbers straight & taxes filed.

Complete -  All Core components plus strategic tax and financial advisory, twice a year full planning meetings and IRS audit protection.

Concierge/CFO -  All Complete components, but with monthly full planning meetings.  We run your accounting department and serve as your CFO.  

Over the next 3 months we will meet with you to select which above service level best fits your needs.  And to provide these services, we have revamped and streamlined our service teams as follows:

  •   Joanne Halnen, EA, QuickBooks Pro Advisor & Mike Ahlstedt, CPA
    •    Either Joanne and Mike will serve as your business lead and will be your main point of contact.  They will ensure that the services promised will be delivered in a timely and accurate fashion, and that we maintain an open line of communication with you and the rest of your/our team.
  •   Sean Grealis, CPA
    •    In addition to strong business and tax advisory experience, Sean has great organization and management skills.  He will oversee Joanne and Mike to ensure we are timely and efficiently delivering on our promises to you.  If you feel something needs to be addressed, he will be your go-to person.
  •    Support Teams
    •    In addition to the above, we have fully staffed support departments/teams working as directed by the above to provide you as needed with:
      •   Accounting/bookkeeping services
      •   Business tax preparation and compliance
      •   Individual tax preparation and compliance
      •   Full payroll processing and compliance (if requested)

So where does that leave me?  Having the above talent and systems in place allows me to do what I do best.  And that is continuing to provide strategic business tax and financial advisory services for all clients.  Additionally I will be the ambassador for the firm, and will focus on new innovations to help us best serve you, our valued client.
Please get back to me or any member of our team if you have any questions.
Stay well!
Jim Henderson

LedgerSense service levels, click link to view readable PDF.

Posted 9/22/2020

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